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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Latest versions of Software / Firmware related to ArcPad as of: DECEMBER 2006

When things go wrong with your ArcPad project, the first thing to check is that your using the most current software and firmware. Below is a list of all ArcPad related releases. FYI - We plan on posting updates of this list (for regular reference).

Organisation Software / Firmware Current Version No
ESRI ArcPad 7.0.1
ESRI ArcPad Application Builder 7.0.1
Microsoft Active Sync 4.2
Trimble GeoExplorer 2005 Series OS Firmware 5.1.13
Trimble GeoExplorer 2003 Series OS and GPS Firmware 2.00.02
Trimble GPS Correct 2.11
Trimble GPS Analyst 2.0
Magellan Mobile Mapper CE OS Firmware 2.91
Magellan Mobile Mapper GPS Firmware E031