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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where is my Documentation?

At the ESRI UC in San Diego last week, I was 'gently' reminded how few people 'read the manual'. Yet.... almost in the same breath, i was told that more documentation was needed :)

I asked one particular audience - 'where would you prefer us to document things? (in the manual, on the blog, in the readme etc?) No definitive answer was given, so... for now, we're sticking to 'all of the above'. As a reminder,

The definiative ArcPad resources installed with ArcPad. They are located in:
\\Program Files\ArcPad 7.1\Help\ArcPad_UserGuide.pdf
\\Program Files\ArcPad 7.1\Help\ArcPad_RefGuide.pdf

The best place for an overview of setup, whats new in the latest release and known issues is:
\\Program Files\ArcPad 7.1\ESRI ArcPad ReadMe.htm

Whats New in ArcPad 7.1:

Help for the ArcPad Data Manager can be found in:
\\Program Files\ArcPad 7.1\Help\ArcPadDataManager_Desktop.chm
\\Program Files\ArcPad 7.1\Help\ArcPadDataManager_Developer.chm

For questions and answers head straight to:

For samples:

If all of these are 'just too much' for you, then keep an eye on this blog. As well as adding entries on new cool stuff, we will soon be posting bite size chunks of documentation that you may have skimmed over in the above listed documents.