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Saturday, March 14, 2009

ArcPad 8 Coming Soon!

Not Long Now! After a long and testing development period, ArcPad 8.0 has now been handed over to production. This latest release represents a significant change to the current look and feel of ArcPad. Users can expect a host of highlights from this new edition including:

New User Interface ‘Look and Feel’ -
ArcPad 8.0 has a new look and feel with higher resolution modern icons, and toolbars that use less screen real estate than in previous versions.

The new ArcPad Toolbar Manager can be used to either modify the out-of-the-box toolbars or to create your own.
The old ArcPad Startup dialog has been replaced by the Open Map dialog, which can be used to browse ArcPad maps by list or thumbnail.

Improved GPS User Interface -
The GPS position dialog has been replaced by the new GPS status bar, a translucent toolbar at the bottom of the map screen showing much of the detail from the old position dialog.Using color visual cues to indicate the quality of the GPS fix, it also shows more detailed GPS position information on the full screen multi-tab GPS dialog.

Improved ArcPad Data Manager Extension -
The ArcPad Data Manager now gives you more options when preparing data for ArcPad. You can use ArcMap to get data for ArcPad immediately, configure an ArcPad project for repeated use with geoprocessing tools or author an ArcPad project for publication to ArcGIS Server and subsequent use in ArcPad.

Introduction of ArcGIS Server for synchronizing edits -
The ArcGIS Server ArcPad Extension allows you to publish an ArcPad project to ArcGIS Server, which can be used in ArcPad 8.0. Any device that can connect to internet (by cradle, USB, WIFI, or phone connection)can synchronize ArcPad edits directly with the enterprise geodatabase via ArcGIS Server.

StreetMap Improvements ArcPad -
8.0 StreetMap provides an easier method to find addresses and locations using the new lookup index. In addition to the TeleAtlas Premium North American dataset, ArcPad 8.0 is bundled with Tele Atlas Premium Western Europe StreetMap data as well at no additional cost to the customers.

ArcPad Studio - part of the family
As part of the revamp for ArcPad 8.0, ArcPad Studio has now been included as part of the overall ArcPad Product. No longer a separate product requiring additional licencing arrangements, now with the purchase of ArcPad comes the customisation ability offered with ArcPad Studio