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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The ArcPad Deployment Manager

I know what you are thinking: I have just installed my brand new copy of ArcPad on my desktop PC – but how do I get ArcPad up and running on my mobile device?

Let me introduce you to the ArcPad Deployment Manager!

The ArcPad Deployment Manager is installed along with ArcPad on your desktop PC – You can find it in your Windows Start Menu in the same location as ArcPad.

First, connect your mobile device to your desktop PC using Active Sync (Windows XP) or the Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista, Windows 7), then launch the ArcPad Deployment Manager.
Check boxes to deploy the following to your mobile device:

ArcPad –
mobile field mapping and data collection software solution
ArcPad StreetMap Extension – enables you to perform geocoding, mapping, and the calculation of routes with driving directions using StreetMap data layers (data DVD’s included with ArcPad)
ArcPad Today Plug-In – a customizable Windows Mobile Today Screen Plug-In that displays battery life, device memory, space on your device and storage card as well as launching ArcPad and ArcPad App Shortcuts Projects
Datum Transforms – use HARN and NADCON tables for datum shift methods
Language Packs – expand to see the list of Language Packs available for ArcPad
Sample/s – the sample projects included with ArcPad, used in the ArcPad Tutorials
SQL Server Compact – required for Windows Mobile 5 (and some Windows Mobile 6) devices
VBScript Runtime Library – should be included on most Windows Mobile devices

Check your mobile device to choose a location to install each of your components on your Windows Mobile device.

Remember to activate your ArcPad install on your mobile device using the same code that you used on your desktop PC!

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