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Monday, March 16, 2009

ArcPad 8 Documentation is Online

While you wait for ArcPad to ship, you can read the documentation online and get familiar with the new features :

ArcPad 8.0 User Guide
ArcPad 8.0 Reference Guide



  • At Tuesday, March 24, 2009 10:19:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Does the documentation actually describe functional functionality? Or theoretical functions that the users will help test?

  • At Friday, July 17, 2009 8:13:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Is there no documentation you can't print for version 8? The online documentation does not help me when I'm over 400 km from desk doing GPS collection in the Forest. Is there no printed material or a PDF I can print?

  • At Friday, July 17, 2009 10:43:00 am, Blogger Marika said…

    the documentation is still included with arcpad. the identical content as is online, is installed to your machine as a chm file. you can either use the chm file, or print from the chm on your desktop.

  • At Wednesday, July 07, 2010 2:00:00 am, Blogger Bill said…

    i want to know how to let ArcPAD 8 on a Trimble GeoXH prompt me about an upcoming feature when am in the field.

  • At Wednesday, July 07, 2010 1:49:00 pm, Blogger Gareth Walters said…

    Hi Bill,

    You would need to look at the FindNearestXY event. This can be used as with a timer so you could check every, e.g. 10 seconds to search in a buffer.

    Have a look at this thread, it may prove useful.


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