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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Simulate GPS for indoor training and demos

Some of you may already know about FakeGPS - it's been around for years.
FakeGPS is an extension for ArcPad that simulates a GPS feed. It reads longitude and latitude points (and optionally height values) from a text file and sends the points, one at a time, at a given interval, to ArcPad.
The points will appear to ArcPad as if they are coming from a GPS.

FakeGPS is available at: (or search for FakeGPS on

You'll see instructions on how to use this extension, but the quick version is:
- Extract the zip file you download from ArcScripts.
- Place the appropriate DLL in the ArcPad Extensions folder:
FakeGPS7n.dll – Windows XP/Vista
FakeGPS7a.dll – Windows Mobile
- When you start ArcPad, go the GPS Properties dialog, and you’ll see the FakeGPS protocol as an option. Select this protocol.

To really make FakeGPS useful, you need a way to easily generate log files to use as inputs. I wrote a tool to help generate these log files and published it as an applet on ArcScripts at:

This FakeGPSLogTool applet allows you to select any line or polygon feature in a map and use its vertices to generate a FakeGPS log file.
You can then use the log file with the FakeGPS extension to simulate a GPS feed for indoor training or demos.