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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ArcPad User Group meeting at the 2012 UC

Firstly thank you to EDS for your sponsorship of the User Group. The first attendees in the door scored a boxed lunch, and 2 lucky attendees won 1 weeks hire of mobile hardware. Also your presentation on Dollars and Sence - how to productize a custom ArcPad application was excellent - a great message for anyone with a ArcPad project they want to take to the world.For the second part of the session, we tried something a little different :).

After sitting back for a few days of heavy listening, we asked the attendees to tell us a little about how they used ArcPad. We had 55 people at the User Group and below are the group answers to the questions asked. After these questions warmed everyone up, we split the attendees into similar industry groups and encouraged them to meet others and share their experiences and questions with each other. Wow - what a noise! Everyone obviously loved this bit, even when we had to usher people outside so the next session could start, people stuck around chatting outside the doors!

How Long have you been using ArcPad?

In what industry do you use ArcPad?

What mobile hardware do you use?

Does post processing matter to you?

Do you do BOTH office GIS and field GPS work? 

Do you customise ArcPad?

In what Exotic locations have you used ArcPad?
Cold Bay, Alaska
Palmyra Atoll
Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana
Rattlesnake Hills, Wyoming
Republic of Congo
Islands of coast of British Columbia
Redlands parking lot, Sturt Reserve, Zzyzx Rd (yes, these were a little tounge-in-cheek!)

In what Dangerous locations have you used ArcPad?
wildand fire projects
active taxi ways at Hartsfield Airport, Atlanta
bear survey, Alaska
coal strip mines, Northern Alabama
above 13000 ft in bad weather
collecting water meter info and getting chased off with a fire extinguisher

Of course I had to have a go at mapping these, and yes some were a little easier than others!

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