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Friday, July 27, 2007

ArcPad 7.1 Beta Update ready for download

The ArcPad 7.1 beta update is now available for download. This Beta contains all of the new features intended for ArcPad 7.1 and significant fixes from the previous Beta version. We strongly encourage you to download this Beta and test with your data.

To download go to
If your already registered as a beta user you can download immediately, else, sign up now, its not too late!

Once registered we also encourage you to use the beta forum to share you experiences with ArcPad 7.1 and so we can identify bugs and areas which require careful documentation for the final release.

The key features of ArcPad 7.1 are:

Supports Editing of Related tables
  • Geodatabase feature classes including relationships are extracted to a single ArcPad AXF File
  • The user will be able to edit the features as well as the related tables in the field
  • Database rules are supported in the data, and do not need to be manually added to forms
Usability improvement – QuickProject
  • Quickly create a new data capture project
  • Contains ArcPad map, point, polyline and polygon shapefiles
  • Custom input forms
  • Category values can be edited
StreetMap Extension
  • Will be in ArcPad 7.1 core functionality
  • Supports SDC format
  • Address geocoding, reverse geocoding and routing
  • Bundled with North American data from Tele Atlas
ArcPad Data Manager Extension for ArcGIS Desktop
  • Now have both ArcMap and ArcToolbox tools for Check In/Out
  • Can Check In/Out from different machines (ie: transaction log now saved with data not left on PC)
  • Optional password protection /encryption of data
  • Only way to create AXF file is with the Data Manager
Query Builder
  • Search multiple fields using different logical operators
  • And/Or searches
  • Results include distance and direction (from centre of map or GPS location) and can be sorted
Query Form
  • Custom query for Find tool
  • Created using ArcPad Application Builder
Ongoing quality improvements and other enhancements include:
  • Filters
  • Label Tool
  • Read-only layers
  • Snapping tolerance for each layer

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