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Friday, June 15, 2007

ArcPad @ the ESRI Inernational User Conference

Of course we'll be there! (Did you ever really doubt it ?!).

With the ArcPad 7.1 release coming soon, this years ESRI UC will be bursting with ArcPad.

There are:

  • * Two Preconference Seminars (one on using ArcPad, and one on customising ArcPad)
  • * Seven Technical Workshops (all them are offered twice)
  • * Two Moderated Paper Sessions (real users showing how they use ArcPad)
  • * Mobile GIS Special Interest Group (share your thoughts with other Mobile GIS enthusiast's - you may even win a prize...)
  • * Eleven scheduled demos at the Mobile GIS Island (you can also come and ask questions and chat to the ArcPad team at the Island)

Tip: When searching the conference schedule, make sure you search the keywords: 'ArcPad', Mobile GIS' and 'GeoCollector' to get ALL of the ArcPad related sessions.

All sessions will discuss ArcPad 7.1 at different levels of detail. The key features of this release are:

  • * out-of-the-box related tables support
  • * QuickProject
  • * advanced default query tab and support for custom query forms
  • * StreetMap now included with ArcPad

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