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Monday, September 03, 2007

ArcPad 7.0.1 Hot Fix

This hot fix resolves a number of issues specifically apply to Windows CE .NET devices. It includes a number of other bug fixes and enhancements as well. This fixes are listed below. This hot fix is a full installation of ArcPad. Please uninstall any previous versions of ArcPad prior to its installation.

Object Model
* Added OnPointer... events to fire from the Map object
* ArcPad now supports a "no pen mode" state. "modenone" command has been
added for Map.PointerMode object
* Users can now limit the number of decimal places displayed in the scale
bar using the map property value of “ScalebarDisplayNumericScale" of the
Map.Properties object

* ‘Deactivate’ no longer crashes ArcPad when using a USB GPS
* ArcPad no longer crashes when activating GPS Active On/Off on Xplore's
iX104C2 Tablet PC.
* SiRF binary protocol now supported, SBAS appears as a quality when a 3D
fix is made

* antennaheight and ellipsoidalseparation now saved to the preferences in
the same units as which they are entered in ArcPad. No conversion is made
* ArcPad no longer launches a MSDOS window on CE .NET devices upon starting
* Quick Form message is suppressed for OEM
* When the OEM ArcPad is running it now shows the correct OEM icon in the
* The Main Map on CE .NET view is now always maximized
* Unexpected behavior using Zoom tool is now corrected by clipping
off-screen polygons
* FTP's Open command has been changed so it's no longer broken by registry
entries made by Pocket Internet Explorer

* Can now see True/False choice on Thales Mobile Mapper CE when creating
a New shapefile
* ArcIMS downloaded images will have AUX.XML for ArcGIS 9.2 compatibility
as well as PRJ files

* The SIP Keyboard now appears for the edit control when the EDITFORM first
appears on Win CE5 devices

* Additional command line options of /nosplash, /noaccel, and /nostatusbar
* ArcPad no longer crashes when adding new line (14+ vertices)
programmatically using VBScript
* Script files and toolbar/menu images no longer display errors when
projects are encoded