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Thursday, June 05, 2008

ArcPad 7.1.1 is now ready for download

ArcPad 7.1.1 has been released to ESRI support website for download. This release addresses several issues raised from the previous releases while also introducing a number of enhancements.
Highlights of the ArcPad 7.1.1 release include:

Streetmap Desktop Data Extractor – the Streetmap Desktop Data Extractor utility allows ArcPad StreetMap users to easily extract data from the Streetmap Premium Tele Atlas North American dataset previously included in ArcPad 7.1. Users can save the extracted area of interest to a desktop PC and transfer it to a mobile device operating ArcPad in the field.

Performance Improvements with StreetMap Extension – performance improvements have been made for users of the StreetMap extension. Users will see a noticeable increase in available memory while StreetMap is running.

Enhanced Relational Database Support – related tables support based on the Microsoft SQL relational database has been improved in 7.1.1 with bug fixes and enhancements including the support of global ID in the geodatabase.

Satellite Objects Added – a new property called Satellites has been added to the GPS object increasing efficiency and ease-of-use for users. Satellites will return a collection of satellite objects. Developers can update third-party GPS extensions to access these objects.

ArcPad 7.1.1 can be downloaded at ESRI support website at here. ArcPad 7.1 registration numbers are valid for ArcPad 7.1.1.

The ArcPad Streetmap Desktop Data Extrator can be downloaded here.