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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2008 ESRI BPC and Developer Summit Slides

Thank you to all of you who attended and caught up with members of the ArcPad team at the 2008 ESRI Business Partners Conference and/or the ESRI Developer Summit held in Palm Springs.

We always enjoy the opportunity to meet up with you in person and discuss your ArcPad mobile GIS applications, requirements and (on of course very rare occasions) gripes :)

Craig and I presented a session on customising ArcPad at the Developer Summit. We were very pleased with your responses and questions, especially regarding the new capabilities introduced in ArcPad 7.1, that you are now adopting in your own applications. In particular new features in ArcPad 7.1, such as the new AXF database capabilties, which we like to describe as a "lightweight geodatabase", and QueryForms are being very well received.

The slides for this presentation are now available online :

Finally, some of you may be interested in how Craig and I prepare for a presentation. Below is a behind the scenes photo mosaic, moments before the presentation room is filled with people. Craig likes to pretend he's a band member of Aerosmith to clear is vocal chords. I'm out of shot, playing the air guitar of course.

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