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Thursday, August 14, 2008

ArcPad 7.2 Beta 1 is open

ArcPad 7.2 Beta 1 program is now open to accept applications at

What’s new in ArcPad 7.2?
• A Fresh new Look! - new modern icons are used in ArcPad 7.2, which allows ArcPad to take advantage of different screen resolutions
• New Open Map Dialog - the open map dialog has been enhanced for easier navigation of map documents
• ArcPad Toolbar Manager - a new graphical interface for creating custom toolbars without the need for ArcPad Studio
• Dynamic Toolbars - the new toolbars take less space on the screen and can be docked wherever you prefer
• Improved GPS User Interface - The GPS can be displayed as either a semi transparent window over your map or as a full screen GPS Dialog
• The ArcPad Data Manager has additional capabilities - You can now use the ArcPad Data Manager to configure an ArcPad Check for repeated future Check Outs and also to publish to ArcGIS Server
• ArcPad Extension for ArcGIS Server - this ArcGIS Server Extensions enables the creation of an ArcPad enabled Map Service will allows data synchronization between ArcPad and the Enterprise GIS
• New geocoding method in StreetMap - This new method uses lookup index to find addresses, which helps to speed up the process of text entry. It now also supports intersection and POI lookup.

More documentation about ArcPad 7.2 is available at the ArcPad 7.2 Beta Wiki site. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please share with us at the ArcPad 7.2 Beta Forum site.


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  • At Friday, August 15, 2008 12:35:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Awesome to see the ArcPad to Server functionality is becoming standard out of the box. I guess this will now compete with ArcGIS Mobile (with Server Advance). It will now be a case of Thin client vs thick client. Mature technology vs innovative technology. Web based geoprocessing in the field vs field based core data capture. I felt that we needed this sort of technology to fill the gape where organisations had field operators that want to sync edits with a home based server without the need to travel back in and connect up to a wire (This is quite common in councils where workers are not GIS people and are just basically data capturers). This is also a great step forward for taking up the slack in the price range too. Server advanced is a big step to take for a client wanting this sort of functionality and no need for web based geoprocessing. Not only that but because this is standard functionality now we can still honour to our clients that we will be using COTS technology and no hidden "scaries" with customised apps. I bet all of this became a popular after the APEC summit right?


  • At Wednesday, October 29, 2008 4:16:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I wonder if they will ever fix a bug with the camera. Any laptop build in camera driver goes into conflict with ArcPad and shuts it off! I was blogging about it for years, and they always want to know my customer number, as if it will help to solve the problem.


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