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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where did my extension go?

Existing users of ArcPad may have a ‘oh no, its gone’ moment when they first open ArcPad 8, but in the words of the great Douglas Adams, DONT PANIC.

With every improvement, enhancement and added feature, we find we are taking up more and more space on the tiny devices that we target. Removing features is near impossible, but inevitably, not everyone uses everything. In ArcPad 8, to give a ‘faster’ initial experience, we have intentionally turned off some of the less used extensions when you install ArcPad to a Windows Mobile device. You can easily turn these back on.

The extensions that are ‘off’ by default are:

  • BMP
  • Earthmate
  • GIF
  • Laser Rangefinder (all of them)
  • MrSID
  • PLGR
  • PNG
  • TSIP

To turn the extensions on:

  1. in ArcPad select ‘Advanced Settings’
  2. choose the ‘Extensions’ tab
  3. check the box next to the extension you wish to turn on
  4. select ‘OK’
  5. close and restart ArcPad.

You must close and restart ArcPad whenever you make a change to the extensions page. These changes are saved in the ExtensionPrefs.apx stored in the My ArcPad folder. To return to the default settings, you can simply delete the ExtensionPrefs.apx in your My ArcPad folder. Next time you open ArcPad, ArcPad will create a new ‘default’ ExtensionPrefs.apx for you.