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Friday, October 29, 2010

ArcPad tutorial videos

Check out the tutorial videos now on

There are 4 videos:
  • Workflows - this video is to shows how you can start a field project with what appears to be 'nothing', and scale up to an enterprise solution. Covering topics such as QuickProject, data normalization, geodatabase design, data validation and touching on post processing and integration with ArcGIS Server, this tutorial gives you a great overview of working with data in ArcPad.
  • Preparing Data for ArcPad - view tips and tricks on how to best prepare data to take into the field. Includes information to help you choose when to use vector or raster layers, consider map presentation for field work, and describes check out and in processes.
  • Large Deployments - considering scaling up your field project? This video includes workflow and installation recommendations for large deployments. It also takes a look at the files that are created when a project is published to ArcGIS Server and gives tips on how to work with them.
  • ArcPad in the field - now that you have a carefully designed project its time to step outside (oh, you've already been outside? of course, how silly of me to assume...). This video touches on some of the less obvious aspects of field work and includes a look at integrating GPS, cameras and rangefinders into your project, and uses survey techniques such as offsets and traversing.