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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Optimising the Hellenic Postal Service with ArcPad

HellenicPostThe Hellenic Postal Service have looked within their own organization to develop a project that will result in optimised delivery workloads for their postmen. Jumping straight from shapefiles in ArcView 3.2, to a geodatabase in ArcSDE 10 with Oracle 11g, the postal service have designed their own mobile GIS project and now have 48 tablet PC’s and people on the streets using ArcPad, following the postmen to update service points and sides of each road. Once this data is collected, the next phase of the project will be to calculate the times each postman needs to finish each days work. Service points will then be added or removed from each service area, to ensure all postmen have an optimal amount of service points for their work day.

This is a great project that demonstrates how readily ArcPad can used to improve business processes.