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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Map Annotation in ArcPad 10.0.2

It was one of the most requested features on the ArcGIS Ideas Forum and now it is here. MAP ANNOTATION!
If you are currently working with ArcPad 10.0.2, you may have already noticed the changes made to the ArcPad Graphics Layer (.apg file).
These include improved support for:image
- Point / Line Symbology
- Polygon Fill Symbology
- Curved and Freehand Graphics
- Features with associated Text
- Label Rotation / Text Direction
- Recognition of Map Annotation Groups
Exporting your map annotations for field editing with  ArcPad is easy!!
Use the ‘Get Data for ArcPad’ tool in the ArcPad Data Manager for ArcMap, to collect all of your map annotation and export each group into a separate ArcPad Graphics file.
Or export each map annotation group separately by using the ‘Export Graphics Layer for ArcPad’ tool in the ArcPad Data Manager to export the active annotation target.
After editing the annotation groups using ArcPad, check your edits back into ArcMap by using the ‘Import Graphics’ button in the ‘Get Data from ArcPad’ tool. This will import any graphics from the selected .apg file into the active annotation target in ArcMap.
You will be given the option to delete the previous features to remove any duplication.
So try out the ArcPad Map Annotation features for yourself and let us know what you think.
Download a trial version of ArcPad 10.0.2 here.