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Friday, July 08, 2011

ArcPad Technical Session @EsriUC Live on Twitter

Hi everybody,

If you can't go to the Esri User Conference in San Diego this year, you can still be part of the action by following the ArcPad technical sessions live on twitter. You can follow the sessions on #ArcPad and #EsriUC.

This year we will be tweeting the best (and hopefully the most informative) slides live as we go through each session, but we will also be open for you to ask us questions. Even if you are in the audience and would prefer to type than raise your hand, then that's cool too!

ArcPad - Introduction to Customizing ArcPad Solutions

ArcPad - An Introduction

ArcPad - Advanced Customization of ArcPad

ArcPad/GeoCollector - A High Accuracy Field Application

So prefix your question or comment with #ArcPad or simply reply to the slide that is appropriate and if appropriate we'll talk about it and try to answer during the session.

Looking forward to hearing from you.