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Friday, October 05, 2007

ArcPad @ 2007 ESRI Middle East & North Africa Users Conference

ArcPad 7.1 will be one of the features at this year's ESRI Middle East & North Africa User Conference.

The conference is being held at the exotic location of Barr Al Jissah Resort in Muscat, Oman from October 29 to 31st.

Developers from the ArcPad team will be there in person to present on ArcPad (Me). It's a great opportunity to meet in person and discuss your mobile GIS requirements.

From the new user looking at a mobile GIS solution for their organisation to the experienced ArcPad user, there is something for all.

There will be a be a full day pre-conference seminar "Using ArcPad 7 for Mobile GIS" on October 28. This in-depth seminar is intended for those who want to learn more about ArcPad and mobile GIS. Topics will include data preparation with the new ArcPad 7.1 Data Manager and the new geoprocessing tools. Collecting data, including using a GPS. Getting started with customised data capture forms and toolbars. Data managers will be interested in the powerful new geodatabase integration capabilties of ArcPad 7.1.

During the conference there is the "ArcPad 7.1 - An Introduction" technical workshop on October 30 (16:00 - 17:30) This session will provide an overview of ArcPad, with an emphasis on the new ArcPad 7.1 release. Topics include what's new in ArcPad 7.1, introduction of related tables support in ArcPad 7.1, and improvements to the data transfer/sharing between ArcPad and ArcGIS. The session also provides a general overview of ArcPad interface: out-of-the-box functionality; and some principles, considerations, and best practices for common field tasks.

If you haven't already booked to come to the conference, details can be found at .

I look forward to seeing you there.