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Monday, June 01, 2009

ArcPad in the key of ........

Each windows mobile device has a selection of buttons, some that are configurable and some that are not. Understanding which ones are configurable and what they are called is difficult, but important when you want to assign an ArcPad action to them.

The KeyWatch application simply shows you the internal name of each button that you press on the device.

· Copy the executable to your windows mobile (5 or above) device and tap it, to run
· Press a button on the device and its name will display in the white box
· Press each button and note the name of each

The important part of the name is the bit at the end. F1, F2 should be self explanatory. Application keys are listed as APP1, APP2 (although are referred to as A1, A2 inside ArcPad). Other keys have self explanatory names like RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, RETURN.

Assigning actions to keys in ArcPad
Generally, you can assign ArcPad actions to Function and Application keys. For example, when you create a custom tool you have the option to assign a shortcut. The shortcut is the name of a hardware button.

Hardware differences
Unfortunately all Windows Mobile devices are not the same.

· Some devices have application keys (A1, A2, etc)
· Some devices have function keys (F1, F2, etc)
· Some devices have both
· There is no consistent pattern to which keys / devices work for applets
· you must have an F2 key to highlight the ArcPad toolbars
· camera shortcut doesn’t appear to work on any devices in ArcPad 8 (this is a known bug)

A text document and the Keywatch application is available for download from the ArcScripts section of the Just search usingthe key word KeyWatch