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Monday, August 06, 2012

ArcPad Customization Help is now Online

ArcPad Customization help is now online!

Previously buried in ArcPad Studio along with a lot of information that people didn't use, was a lot of cool stuff that is suitable for anyone customizing ArcPad - not just the hard core developers! So, we have taken it out and made it all a little more accessible. To start with its now online at:

You can also get to this page from

In coming releases, the developer help delivered with ArcPad will be organized like this also.

The customization help has been broken into three distinct sections: Concepts, Scripting Reference and XML Reference.

The Concepts section describes how you can customize ArcPad, what are key file types that you need to know about, and how you can use them to change the way ArcPad looks and behaves. The concepts section includes examples on how you can customize forms and toolbars and includes brief scripting samples in VBScript, JScript and Python.

The Scripting Reference section documents the ArcPad Object Model. This reference documents all objects, their methods and properties. This section contains some examples, but this is an area we are actively working on.

The XML Reference section documents the ArcPad XML schema that is used in all ArcPad customization files. Each ArcPad file type is listed with all its valid elements and attributes. Again, some examples are here already but more are coming.