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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do you want to use Streetmap with other ArcPad functions?

Now that ArcPad 8 offers a free copy of Streetmap data for Europe as well as North America there will be plenty of situations where the data will be useful. Other countries such as Australia, NZ, Singapore etc are becoming available from Navigate. (

So what devices are capable of running Streetmap for ArcPad?

If you want to run all ArcPad functions with Streetmap such as GPS, camera and data collection/editing, then you should be aware of the memory requirements. The above screenshot shows a device running the Streetmap extension with 15MB free. The low memory warning appears when there is 1MB free.

The following hardware will enable the above scenario.
  • Desktop, laptop, tablet running Vista or XP
  • Trimble Juno SC (WM 6.1)
  • HTC Harris US Census device (WM 5.0)
  • HTC TYN TYN II (WM 6.0)
  • Samsung Omnia i900 (WM 6.1)

There may be other devices that can load Streetmap data and leave 10MB of memory free. We are constantly looking for such devices as we evaluate the models forwarded to us by manufacturers.
So if you don't have any of the above devices you may still be able to run Streetmap for ArcPad by having very little other ArcPad functionality enabled. To do this you need to turn off all extensions except ArcPad Streetmap and set the default button size to 1. You should also consider using the Data Extrator software provided on the ArcPad 8 Streetmap Data DVD to extract the data on the DVD down to State(USA)/Country(Europe) level.