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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sneaky Tip: Adding icons for Layers and QuickCapture

Hi everyone,
Have you ever noticed that the Riverside sample has different icons displayed from the symbology on the QuickCapture toolbar and Table of Contents for the some of the layers?

Ever wondered how easy it is to put them there? Of couse you have!

In the ArcPad Data Manager on the "Select Data" page, feature layers from your map are listed with a yellow symbol indicating the feature type (point, line or polygon).

If you use your mouse and click the symbol that you want to change, the select icon dialog will appear. Simply navigate to the location where you have an icon stored and select it.

Once you select the new icon, you will see it has been set as the symbol for that layer. Another cool thing is that the data manager will save the configuration for the MXD you have open and will be automatically applied the next time you use the wizard.Now open your newly created ArcPad Map (.APM), go to the QuickCapture toolbar and see your new icon(s) present.So remember, this doesn't change any symbology on the map itself, it purely allows you to supply another visual context for the layer(s) throughout the application