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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

How to archive the GPS Tracklog using vbscript, jscript or python

Hi everyone,

There is a new sample on the ArcPad Resources Gallery that shows how archive the GPS tracklog while working in the field.

A fan of ArcPad recently asked how to speed up the redrawing of the tracklog, and one simple way is to draw less. Therefore this sample was created.  Every hour this applet moves the tracklog to a new datetime stamped file and recreates the tracklog.shp to keep going.

This could be used for any vector layer in your map not just the tracklog.

The other cool thing about this sample is that there is a separate sample written in vbScript, jScript and Python! Take your pick, but there is also a screen shot for you to have a look at the similarities and differences between the scripting languages.

Click to get the sample How to archive the GPS tracklog