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Friday, October 26, 2012

Using the ArcPad ECW Extension on Windows 7

ECW (Enhanced Compression Wavelet) is a proprietary wavelet compression image format optimized for aerial and satellite imagery. The lossy compression format efficiently compresses very large images with fine alternating contrast.

Support for ECW files in ArcPad has been available as of ArcPad 6 with the addition of a the ECW Extension for ArcPad.

The ECW Extension for ArcPad is available (at no cost) from Intergraph/Erdas at the following website:

This version of the ECW Extension for ArcPad will work with all subsequent versions of ArcPad.

HOWEVER: Some users have been running into issues when attempting to use this extension on versions of Windows other than XP (which is what is was originally developed against).

The following instructions will allow you to install the extension on a Windows 7 PC:

  1.    Type ‘compat’ into the Start Menu search and select ‘Run Programs made for previous versions of Windows’
  2.    Click ‘Next’ on the Program Compatability wizard
  3.    Select ‘ArcPad’ from the list of programs and then click ‘Next’
  4.    Select ‘Troubleshoot Program’ as your troubleshooting option
  5.    Check the ‘I don’t see my problem listed’ option and then click ‘Next’
  6.    Select ‘I don’t know’ from the list of Windows versions and then click ‘Next’
  7.    Check the ‘I don’t see my problem listed’ option and then click ‘Next’
  8.    Click ‘Start the Program’ to launch ArcPad (enter license code if prompted)
  10.    Run the ArcPad_6.0_ECW_Plugin_v1.2.exe
  11.    Check that the install is successful by loading a .ecw file into ArcPad
  12.    Click ‘Next’ on the Program Compatability wizard
  13.    Select ‘Yes, save these settings for this program’ to finish

Now you should be able to use the ECW Extension for ArcPad on a Windows 7 PC!