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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Memory Indicator

Whilst developing ArcPad 7.1 we found that we were beginning to push the memory limits of some of our devices. To assist with testing and diagnosis, we introduced a memory indicator which monitors the remaining memory available for ArcPad to use.

The memory indicator can be accessed at any time from within ArcPad by double clicking/tapping the 'rocker status'... i.e. the 'Z' on the right hand side of the status bar.

You may see 1 or 2 bar graphs.

You will see 1 bar graph if the physical available memory is greater than the memory required by ArcPad. That is there is more memory than the current ArcPad design can use. (ie more than 32MB free memory).

If you see 2 bar graphs ( the 2nd will have a ‘V’ for ’virtual’ on the icon), then you see how much physical memory is available and how much virtual memory is available. The physical will be less than the virtual. The “Lo Mem” indicator will automatically appear (even if memory status is off) under the follow 3 conditions :
Less than 1MB free : RED bar
Less than 2MB free : Orange bar
Less than 3MB free : Yellow bar

Red indicates critical level due to low memory and efforts should be made to make more memory available i.e close other applications.

To see what your total memory is, look in the System Info of the About page in ArcPad:

You should note that on a CE device the total virtual memory for a process (ie ArcPad) is always currently 32MB.