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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

About the ArcPad About Screen

The ArcPad About Screen is so much more than the place to find out which version of ArcPad you are using. The System Information Tab gives you a sneak-peek into the inner workings of ArcPad on your system. If you are looking for available scripting engines, where your personal folder paths are or which locale ArcPad is using – you can find all of this information and more in ArcPad System Information Tab.

So, if you have ever wanted to know more about the following:

-- Location of Log Files (ArcPad.log)

-- Operating System Version (includes Major and Minor
Versions, Build Number and Service Pack Information)

-- Memory Information (includes Load and Available and Total Memory for Physical, Virtual and PageFile Memory)

-- Host Information (includes Name, IP Address, Device ID and WSA Information)

-- System Default Locale (includes Country, Language and Code Page Information)

-- User Default Locale (
includes Country, Language and Code Page Information)

-- Neutral Locale (
includes Country, Language and Code Page Information)

-- Dialog (Base Unit X and Y Values)

-- System Font Registry Settings (includes FaceName and Height)

-- Device Caps (includes Horizontal and Vertical Size and Resolution, Log Pixels, Aspect, SizePalette, NumReserved, ColorRes, Bits/Pixel, Planes, NumBrushes, NumPens, NumFonts and NumColors)

-- Raster Caps (includes Banding, Bitmap, Palette, Scaling and Stretch Information)

-- Icons (includes DPI Scale and Large and Small Icon Sizes)

-- System Information (includes OEM Information and Processor Type, Level and Revision)

-- Windows Classes / API Support (includes Software Input Panel Preferences, Button and CE Conrols Information)

-- Shell Information (includes Locations of ArcPad, Personal and Templates Folders)

-- Store Information (includes Size and Free Space in the Internal Object Store)

-- Scripting Engines (includes all installed Scripting Engines eg. VBScript & JScript)

--Libraries (includes DLL Release Versions and Build Numbers)

-- SQL Server Compact Edition Information (includes Installation Directory and DLL Release Versions and Build Numbers)

- make sure you check out the ArcPad About Screen and System Information Tab to get a better understanding of your ArcPad projects!

The ArcPad About Screen can be found on the 'Main' Toolbar under the 'Help' Menu.

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