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Thursday, December 06, 2007

ArcPad on Youtube!

With the release of ArcPad 7.1, we have found that a lot of our users are a little unsure on the creation of a geodatabase. So, being the kind, friendly, helpful people that we are, we have created a demonstration which should help you to get strated.

The scenario that we use for this demo is a local council collecting property and owner information for all residenital properties in the local area. We step through the process of:

  1. Creating the geodatabase, including a feature class, a related table, coded value and range domains.
  2. Setting up a 'map' in ArcMap
  3. Checking the data out into the new AXF format
  4. Collecting some data in the field
  5. Checking the edits back in to the geodatabase

And all of that, in just 12 minutes!! See, it really is simple. So have a look at the video and try creating your own data sets. Who know's what ideas you will come up with!

(For Part 2 of this demo, click here)