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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Using a ToolBox Model to create a customised ArcPad Check Out (PART 3)

Some of our long time listeners will recognise this blog post title. its getting a re-run. The toolbox model posted on ArcScripts back in 2008 is one of the most asked about items on the blog so Ive given it a little update and uploaded it to the new resource centre.
The original premise is still the same, use model builder to automate your check out to ArcPad, include some customisation, and deploy to a mobile device. Even though Process ArcPad Project has since come along, some users may chose to continue using ArcPad Check Out (there is no right or wrong - they are just different).

For more explanation on using this model, the previous posts are still valid

The updated model and help document is now on the ArcPad resources page at

As per before there is reference in this model and help document to a tool called cecopy.exe (for optionally copying to a connected mobile device). This is a microsoft tool and you will download that seperately from

The two changes in this current set of files are:
1) folder path location has changed - i now use the folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\ArcPad\Samples\AXFCopy
2) Removal of AXFCopy.vbs. The vbs seems to be obsolete now, I simply added AXFCopy.exe as the script in Toolbox in ArcMap 10.

Today I tested successfully with ArcGIS 10 SP3 and ArcPad 10. There is no reason why this model wouldnt continue to work with older versions of ArcGIS or ArcPad, or even ArcGIS/ArcPad 10.1.