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Thursday, December 27, 2012

ArcPad Packages

ArcGIS online now has an ArcPad Package type for use by organizations. You can load two different types of package: Templates and Projects.

Upload and download projects (ie, a zip folder containing an apm and any of the following: shapefiles, axf's, rasters) to and from ArcGIS Online instead of your local file system to better serve your remote team members.

Upload your current templates and use ArcGIS Online as your content management system for distribution to field workers. For more information on templates, refer to the help at

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ArcPad LaserGIS Challenge

I am GIS. I use ArcPad!

What a great line. For those that haven't seen the competition,  LaserTech are running the ArcPad LaserGIS Challenge to allow customers to try their Laser Range Finder (LTI TruPulse, ArcPad extension and training tools completely risk free.

Why not see how you can increase your data collection efficiency. Good luck and Happy Mapping!