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Friday, October 24, 2008

ArcPad at EMEA & OZRI Conferences

Look out for the ArcPad team at next week's EMEA 2008 , London, UK and OZRI 2008 , Canberra, Australia.

As well as local ESRI UK ArcPad team members , Elvin Slavik (pictured) and Damian Spangurd will be attending the EMEA 2008 User Conference.

As well as the local ESRI Australia ArcPad team members, Stuart Cassin will be attending the OZRI 2008 User Conference.

Look out for Elvin and Stuart , go up and say 'Hi!' and get first hand information of the latest releases of ArcPad.

Arcpad 7.1.1 highlights:
  • Streetmap Desktop Data Extractor,
  • Performance Improvements with StreetMap
  • Enhanced Relational Database Support
  • Satellite Objects Added

ArcPad 7.2 highlights (currently in beta) :

  • New User Interface ‘Look and Feel’
  • Improved GPS User Interface
  • Improved ArcPad Data Manager Extension
  • Introduction of ArcGIS Server for synchronizing edits
  • New search method in StreetMap

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